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Smoothie Up

Smoothie Up

$ 18.00


Blue Pom Pom – An artfully crafted mixture of Tart Fruit, Blueberries and Pomegranates. A taste you will not soon forget
Dragon’s Blood – A taste worth slaying a dragon for. Rich Dragonfruit, Juicy Pomegranate and the tartness of Cranberries will leave you thirsting for more blood.
D.R.O.B. – A taste derived from pure science fiction. Freshly Harvested Berries, Juicy Mango, Oranges and of course the secret ingredient; D.R.O.B.
Orange Overload – Remember that freshly squeezed creamy Orange Julius? Taste it and you will find that it simply has no competition.

Avaiable in 60 Ml Bottles!



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